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On these pages you will find several activities related to Urban Exploration (or UrBex). If you are new to this term or just curious you might want to start with reading the 'Why Urbex' page, visitors more familiar with the term and it's activities will be happy to find the collection of explorations that are listed on the page conveniently called 'Explorations'.

For our reasons and methods of operating have a look at the 'Why Urbex' page that tries to explain you some of the motivations that can drive a person to explore the sites we locate. Should you claim that Urbexers are only into the destruction of and trespassing on others properties read about our Methodology.

For contacting information check the About page.

Latest Updates :

2008.03 - Uploaded images from a Technical School.
2008.02 - Uploaded images from Castle Goorhof.
2008.01 - Uploaded images from an empty Flower Mill.
2007.21 - Uploaded images from Top Furnitures.
2007.20 - Uploaded images from a Belgacom office block.
2007.19 - Uploaded images from the Kletterfabrik.
2007.18 - Uploaded images from a Balloon Storage.
2007.17 - Uploaded images from Rusty Trains.
2007.16 - Uploaded images from a former horse Racetrack.
2007.15 - Uploaded images from Hendriks Cattlefood.
2007.14 - Uploaded images from Boortmalt Annex.
2007.13 - Uploaded images from Institut Jaspar.
2007.12 - Uploaded images from Shoe Discount.
2007.11 - Uploaded images from the Orphanage.
2007.10 - Visited a shoe factory/distributor and a school earlier on.
2007.9 - Uploaded images from a quick visit to a Cement Tower.
2007.8 - Uploaded images from the Wemmel Football Canteen.
2007.7a - Renamed the 'boat fuel station' to Petrol Zuid as it is seems to be called that way.
2007.7 - Uploaded Boat Fuel Station.
2007.6 - Uploaded Doel.
2007.5 - Explored a semi-deserted village near Antwerp with plenty of abandoned buildings. Expect pictures soon.
2007.4 - Explored an old soccer-canteen/sports centre in Wemmel and a refueling station for boats. Pictures during the next days probably
2007.3 - Uploaded Zinc Factory.
2007.2 - Uploaded Tuchthuis.
2007.1 - Uploaded Unused Highway.
2007.0 - Site online.

Disclaimer :

UrbanWalking does not condone or encourage Urban Exploring or provide any manuals on how to perform it. We assume that you are an adult person and can make your own, sane, decisions. UrbanWalking can not and will not be responsible for your actions should you decide to start with or perform Urban Exploring.

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